J N Miller Wolverhampton

The present building replaces one which was built about 1800 but which burnt down.  Originally there were 18 stones grinding corn and animal feedstuffs.  These were steam driven and the building was known locally as the Old Steam Mill.

The building has been empty since 1981 when J.N.Miller’s closed own.  In 2000 this building was bought by Peter Maddox Commercial Developments Ltd., who, with the aid of local, central and European grants, proposed to restore it, primarily for residential use.  In reality nothing at all happened and the building deteriorated.  In 2003 the building was sold again to Country and Metropolitan Homes.  They also propose to turn it in to flats – and are also seeking outside funding to help with it. They have applied for permission to demolish some late 20th century additions but nothing else has yet been heard.