• Hohlgangsanlage 5

    This tunnel complex was the only one to be totally completed by the German engineers.



  • Auschwitz Birkenau

    Memorial & Museum

  • Rover Longbridge

    Prototype RDX60

  • Birmingham New Street Re-development 1965

    Exclusive photos taken in 1965 during the redevelopment.

  • VF fur Sechsschartenturm

    The turret housed a MG34 heavy machine gun which could be moved around to fire from any of the six positions.

United Kingdom

From military to hospitals to factories.

New Street in 1965
Rover Longbridge

Auschwitz Birkenau

We must never forget the atrocities that occurred here


Jersey – Channel Islands

A collection of interesting sites in the Channel Islands

The war then & Now
Underground tunnels


Fort Tourgis

First constructed by the British government in 1855 in order to provide defense for the Alderney Breakwater