United Kingdom

The Royal Hospital, Wolverhampton

The hospital opened its doors in January Ist 1849 to “patients who are such unable to pay for medicine and advice and are destitute of funds to make provision for them”. The hospital was visited by the Prince of Wales …

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Fort Southwick UGHQ

Fort Southwick was the Under Ground HQ (UGHQ) for Operation Overlord which was the codename for the Normandy invasion on D-Day. Operation Overlord still remains the largest seaborne invasion in history, involving almost three million troops crossing the English Channel …

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Western Deep Shelter

Z Rocket Battery

This is the remains of the Z Rocket Battery deep shelter

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Withington Hospital

Rover Longbridge

The site was once the biggest manufacturing plant in the world and part of Birmingham’s transport history, many thousands were employed producing and assembling cars in peacetime, which include the iconic Austin Mini, as well as aeroplanes, such as the …

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Grand Shaft

This is the Grand Shaft which is a unique 140ft triple staircase, linking the town to the forts and enabling troops from the hilltop barracks to be rapidly deployed at the seafront.

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Eastry Hospital

This is the remains Eastry Hospital which lies abandoned in Kent

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Donna Nook Range

Donna Nook is a NATO air weapons bombing range on the coast of Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, north of the village of North Somercotes. The area is salt marsh, and is used by the numerous Royal Air Force bases in Lincolnshire …

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Coulsdon Shelter

This is the remains of Coulsdon deep level air raid shelter. They were built by London County Council during WWII. Since the war the shelter had a number of uses, from manufacturing lenses for telescopes and by a local garage.

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